The Pitti Palace’s Hidden Gems

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During my study here in Florence I have been fortunate enough to explore the various museums and historical monuments located around the city. One particular museum that is a must-see for the students of the LDM Jewelry Design Department is the Pitti-Palace, as it holds the Medician jewels in its Museo degli Argenti. The palace…

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Where Fiorino comes from


Ever since Cosimo de’ Medici expelled the butchers and their supposedly smelly meat from the Ponte Vecchio and brought in the jewelers, jewelry has been at the heart of Florentine culture.  Ok, so maybe that’s not exactly how it went…  Thankfully, during a recent class trip to the Penko Goldsmith shop, the Penko family along…

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The many facets of a gemologist

by Rebecca Tassell While on a class field trip to the Crystals exhibit at La Specola museum, I had the opportunity to interview my gemology professor, Chiara Masini. A fitting location for an interview with a gemologist! Prof. Masini started teaching at LdM three years ago. She is a treasure chest of knowledge and skill…

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A Sneak Peek


by Rebecca Tassell On December 11th, the LdM Jewelry certificate students will be showcasing our pieces for the end of semester exhibition. The theme of the event is fairytales: an interpretation between fantasy and reality. Here are a few pieces made in our wax carving class:   I love seeing the work of my classmates and…

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The Art of Lost Wax Casting

by Rebecca Tassell Just behind the Basillica of Santa Croce sits a quaint artisan shop filled with true Florentine jewelry designs. Inside you will find the works of DFG Firenze aka “The Bottega.” The three owners, Roberto Dorovandi, Riccardo Filippini and Stefano Gabrieli, opened the shop in 1995 and have since been perfecting the art…

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