To be a successful jewelry designer nowadays takes not just valuable materials, but valuable design methods. It requires the skill to work within restrictions and limitations while still maximizing creativity and artistic expression. Aesthetic qualities, technical limitations and advantages of a particular material, working towards realizing a design. A jewelry designer is a juggler who has to keep all of these different pieces moving forward together. There is always a balance.

Patience and perseverance, an ability to concentrate and channel creative inspiration through manual skills: these are the qualities of a jewelry designer. Many specialize in their field, and so at the LdM Department of Jewelry Design we have included some essential areas of specialization as a central part of our study and research program: jewelry design, stone setting, engraving, the study of different precious and semi-precious stones (gemology), and techniques for using different industrial materials and metals. All of these areas form an essential part of professional jewelry design development at LdM.

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