Photography, Drawing, and Jewelry – Oh My!

In November 2016, I had the opportunity to interview Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici’s Professor Daria Borovkova.  Along with teaching Jewelry design at LdM, Professor Borovkova wears many different hats!  During our meeting I started to understand more about the creative process of jewelry making and how true artists are able to take inspiration from anything and everything in their lives.

Professor Borovkova is originally from Russia but since her parents worked as diplomats she was a world traveler at a young age and holds a well-woven cultural identity that allowed her to explore and express her own creativity.  Both her grandmother and father were very interested in art so she was exposed to it at a young age.


Originally an interior designer, she felt drawn to the smaller-scaled nature of jewelry design and decided to begin studying it.  She noted that with its roots in Renaissance Art and the natural energy involved in its jewelry making, there was no better place to study than Florence.

When asked about her inspiration for her many unique pieces, Borovkova responded that she finds inspiration each and every day in her own life!  The professor said in particular that music, photography, movies, her own cultural heritage, and the people in her life are her most common sources of inspiration.


Many of Borovkova’s own hobbies and interests are artistic and surely lend a hand in inspiring and fulfilling her visions for her pieces.  For instance, she loves to draw, create sculptures, and take pictures – all activities that contribute to the thoroughness and precision of her work.  She explained that her website incorporates all of these different elements and that she uses it as a platform to share her own creative process and thoughts.

Professor Borovkova’s jewelry-making process consists of finding inspiration, brainstorming, honing her inspiration into a sketch, actually creating the piece, and finally the exhibition stage.  When asked what her favorite part of jewelry making was, she replied: “everything”.  However, she clearly articulated that she loved jewelry’s connection to the body and the intimacy that this sector creates.


Up close with Professor Borovkova!

Her motto: “Be passionate about whatever you do and others will love it.”

Favorite materials to work with: “Natural Materials like alabaster, metals, and wood.”

Her favorite piece: “A brooch made from iron and silver- it was one of the first pieces I ever created.  I was so excited that I made it from scratch in just one day- almost instantaneously.”

After interviewing Professor Borovkova, I felt lucky to have met such an inspiring individual.  Even more so, the students in her class are so fortunate to learn jewelry design from someone who is so creative, driven, and accomplished.  At the end of our meeting, it became clear that she instilled her own confidence in her students each and every day and constantly inspired them to follow their own passions to achieve their own goals!

screen-shot-2016-03-23-at-10-42-21-pmMary Scarrone attends Davidson College in Charlotte, North Carolina where she majors in English and has a fervor for fashion.  She utilizes fashion to express herself through style and of course jewelry is a huge part of that!  She has had so much fun creating posts for the LDM jewelry blog because it has taught her more about the complicated jewelry-making process that goes into creating all of the pieces she loves to wear!  And what is a better place to explore jewelry-making than Florence – Europe’s heart of jewelry?  Mary wishes to pursue a career in law after graduation.