The Jewelry Interviews Part II: From Sketch to Stunner


Interviewee: Elias Serhan Janbey
LdM Jewelry Art & Design Certificate student




So Elias, ready for part two of our LdM Jewelry interview series? To start with, what does Jewelry Making mean for you?
Jewelry Making is my passion! Any project I begin starts with just an idea and goes on to become something else, something concrete. Whenever I’m about to start creating that what I have designed on paper, the world around me becomes silent and is only about me and the piece I’m working on. clipIn the end every design and piece I make is a part of me. It’s really an amazing feeling to see a piece finished!


Now, let’s talk some real jewelry shall we? Can you tell us something about specific projects you’re working on?
Right now I’m working on a lantern pendant for my stone setting class with Prof. Werner Altinger. It’s a free design project in which we must use a crown setting in any way we choose. For a while now Werner has been telling me that I have a way of making crazy or big designs, and to be honest I don’t really blame him!

Let me show you a picture to explain what I’m talking about:

other piece


And how does the thinking process work? Do you know from the beginning what your piece will look like or does it develop itself along the way?
Everything always starts with some inspiration, something I see, a shape or a color or something that gets my creativity running. Then of course there’s the sketching part, and the secret here is to not get too attached to the first idea. The more you develop it, the more interesting it becomes. The sketching part is one of my favorites because this is the part where the ideas are really born.