VICE + FLOW – Jewelry exhibition at LdM Gallery

VICE + FLOW (April 23 – May 2nd 2019) A double exhibition in Jewelry Design, featuring the works of LdM Certificate Students and artists Xin Liao, Avani Prajapati and Meagan Moses. VICE engaged in a polyphonic, multicultural and multi-material thematic reflection, showing various interpretations of the seven capital vices. 

VICE. Each approach is diverse, and each unique voice reveals a different attitude to the subject, equally valid. Irony dialogues with a subtle reflection on language as a way to sacredness and with a more analytic approach to existence, allowing thoughts to embody themselves in different forms.





FLOW. Fluidity was the key inspiration for FLOW, a collection of pieces of jewelry that involved the viewer in a continuously evolutionary, changing dialog by using dynamic forms, to evoke movement, thoughts, and memories.